Consulting for change service

Our process

The Fairisle Consulting for change service is a straightforward and effective way to support you in delivering your change.


We tailor the process to the needs of each client,  but here’s an outline.


No two instances of change are the same

In DISCOVERY, we work with you to analyse your change opportunities and challenges, using a range of diagnostic tools and techniques.

This will give you new insights into your organisation, and familiarise you with Agile ways of working.  It will also ensure the approaches we use to support you are right for your change journey.

We’ve found that effective DISCOVERY work reduces the level of risk you take into the delivery of your changes.


Business change is most effective when conditions are right

Preparedness for your change journey is key to achieving your change outcomes.

A range of issues can affect your readiness.  These can include change resistance and dysfunctional teams .  But don’t worry,  we’ve developed a range of solutions, as part of the Consulting for Change service,  to help you prepare.

Using Agile approaches, SET THE CONDITIONS will make sure you and your teams are fully equipped and supported to take the next steps.


Deliver the right changes at the right times

We’ll work beside you to DELIVER YOUR CHANGES and help you build up your own, self-managing delivery team.

Scrum Agile delivery is an effective and efficient way to deliver the changes you need, in short manageable sprints.  It’s also a great way to build team cohesion.

Our approach allows you to flex according to the needs of your organisation and the available resources.   It’s also scaleable,  just as good  for small projects as large ones.

More solutions to make your strategy work

Unlock your strategy

Make your strategy work.


Focus in and deliver on your strategy.


One to one support to help you deliver on your strategy.

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