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Sarah Willcox business change consultant

Sarah Willcox

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The first thing I would like you to know is although change can be hard, it’s often simpler than you think.  For instance, part of my role is to help you realise how much you already know about the change you want to make.

My assignments for Fairisle vary in size and duration,  ranging from  mentoring an individual,  to working with a whole team.  However large the assignment, my focus is always the same.  I will support you and your team to define your destination clearly, and create realistic plans.  In addition, I will equip you to deal with with obstacles  to successful change.

As one of our team of business change consultants, our clients find me flexible, positive and resourceful.  As a result I am good at helping teams work well together, and have excellent listening and facilitation skills. Moreover, as a versatile, organised and creative business change consultant, I combine vision with pragmatism.

I am a qualified mediator, Certified Scrum MasterCertified Scrum Product Owner, PRINCE2 and PROSCI practitioner.

Within Fairisle my focus is on product development, delivery and client relationships.

Philip Ratcilff business change consultant

Philip Ratcliff

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 Look, listen and seek to understand.  In these three actions I find both the starting point and the answers to any change someone wants to make.

My assignments with Fairisle usually include change for those involved on a personal and organisational level.  For example, this can mean coaching managers in their first few months, or completely redesigning part of an organisation.    In all cases, the process of stepping back and taking account of the current culture and atmosphere is key.   This results in a deep understanding of what needs to be done by those implementing change, either for themselves or others.

As one of our team of business change consultants, our clients have found me to be an insightful and knowledgeable partner who challenges their perceptions on what is possible. I design and facilitate engaging workshops, deliver clear and concise reports and provide effective support in the delivery of change. I’m known for asking questions that cause clients to pause and consider their current position, and then help them move forward.

I’m a Certified Scrum Master, qualified teacher, ILM-qualified coach and certified MSP practitioner with over 20 years of experience in Organisational Development.

Within Fairisle my focus is on client delivery, product development and brand and marketing material creation.

Philip Ratcilff business change consultant

John Willcox

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I make sure I understand your challenges and opportunities so that I can recommend the solutions that suit you and your business.  As a result, you can be sure that the changes you achieve are the changes you need.

My assignments for Fairisle tend to focus on the technical aspects of change initiatives.  For example this includes helping clients analyse the benefits of IT solutions, and mentoring  people to communicate their requirements clearly.   Above all, I’m passionate about the value and importance of Agile methods in helping clients to make rapid, measurable progress towards their change goals.

As one of our team of business change consultants, our clients find me to be focused on achievable outcomes, able to get to grips quickly with complex problems and adept at facilitating productive, problem solving workshops.

I am a Certified Scrum Master, and Certified Scrum Product Owner, with a Masters degree in Business Systems Analysis and Design.

Within Fairisle, my focus is on business development, agile practices and digital marketing.

We value: 

Attentiveness, courage and simplicity


This means

Being clear in what we say and do

Putting ourselves in others’ shoes

Holding our clients’ interests at the heart of our work

Choosing the best way forward when faced with challenge

Using our practice to learn and grow

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