through active discussion and challenging questions you allowed us to find our own answers…it helped get [things] into perspective…you were perfect for us willfully different types who will react against anyone who has a fairly certain or fixed world-view’ – two directors of an SME facing a change in direction for the future

‘We were designing a new departmental operating model and wanted change management deeply integrated into our new ways of working. We needed expert consultancy on best practice change management so we approached Fairisle for assistance. Sarah partnered with the programme team during the process and reviewed and advised on the model design and pilot scheme over a number of months. Her wealth of experience and knowledge across different sectors really helped the team gain external perspectives and, through her mentoring and enabling space for reflection, the confidence for them to make the right decisions. The new operating model was put into practice and achieved new success where previously there had been years of historical failure. There was a new found recognition of the importance of managing change effectively across the organisation. Sarah far exceeded our expectations.‘ – local government client

‘Working with Fairisle Projects and Change was like swimming consciously towards an island of calm and clarity. When our company found itself rather suddenly uprooted and without a building, Fairisle Projects helped us re-confirm our raison d’être and evaluate our options. This was such a supportive and positive process that encouraged us to look honestly at our situation and breathe fresh energy and creativity into our direction. It was with a great deal of skill that Sarah listened, questioned, balanced, and laid fresh ground for dynamic thinking. Our process was held beautifully by her and then formulated into an action plan that became integral to our forward journey.’ – Co-Director, arts organisation

‘Sarah was highly recommended to me by numerous people and I’m so glad I found her. She helped me enormously through a period of change and made each step towards some key decisions feel so easy. Without judgement, Sarah was able to challenge me and help me find my way. She’s incredibly perceptive without being preachy and is also great company. I feel I have found a friend as well as a valued coach who I will turn to again.’ – Managing Director of an SME at a time of professional change

We’ve been working hard to support the change process and, in particular, to help staff and managers to take time to acknowledge what’s needed and start to feel able to participate. We asked Sarah at Fairisle to help us think about our approach to change, and how we might work with individuals and teams to listen to their perspectives and challenges, and help them move towards meaningful engagement – to take responsibility for and ownership of change. Sarah provided important coaching and mentoring for people leading change and  helped us work with teams and individuals in very effective ways. As a result we understand far better how to set up change projects and maximise engagement. Sarah’s support was really important in helping us learn how to achieve that.’ Head of Service, local council

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