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New beginnings

Sarah Willcox

Image of 3 people watching a sunrise illustrating the Fairisle article New beginnings

Are you ready to return to work ?

The end of a holiday or a career break are often the times when we ask this question. I often find clients  have a sense of anticipation at these times. Our pencils are sharpened and we have new exercise books. What will this season bring us?

Hard to find a rhythm

It’s also a time that can feel vaguely unsatisfactory. As you open the emails, revisit projects and – in the case of one of  my clients – return to find algae growing in an abandoned glass of  water, it can be hard to find a rhythm.   That feeling is heightened during the Covid pandemic. Perhaps you didn’t have the break that you planned.  There may be  less certainty about what you’re ‘going back to’.

Ready to return to work

I had been struggling with this combination of excitement and difficulty in finding my stride until I realised that both are actually part of the same thing. It is precisely because we find ourselves in a new phase that we haven’t found a rhythm to the working week yet. And it may all feel a bit unsettled for a while. 

Accept reality

As so often with change, the key is to accept the reality of this rather than fight against it. Having done that, we’re in a better place to find something that will work for us. Someone told me that when she was travelling, doing one thing at the same time every day meant that she felt settled wherever she was, whether that was a different room, town or country. This is very similar to  the Scrum agile delivery approach we use with clients and in running our business. The regular sprint ‘ceremonies’ to plan, review and reflect on our work act as ‘rituals’ of transition. Welcome and fixed points at times of opportunity and uncertainty.

New beginning

If you’re wanting to start again with renewed purpose or are looking for a way to help you navigate the next season, why not get in touch; we’d love to share more about how you can use an agile approach to running your business.