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This is a collection of some of our older articles. Just because they’ve been around for a while doesn’t mean they’re no longer relevant. We just prefer to focus on the more up to date material on our main articles page.

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Practical business change articles – archive

A frustrated looking child illustrating the article 'Exceptions don't prove the rule'

Exceptions don’t prove the rule

How to handle exceptions gracefully

A person reading a book for Fairisle article Story time. Photo by Rain Bennett on Unsplash

Keep the story real

The power of a good story

Cute dog with big eyes and perky ears

Excuses aren’t reasons

The dog ate my homework

Image of group of garden gnomes illustrating Fairisle article The Power of Teams

The power of teams

Unlocking the power of teams reaps real benefits

Photo by John Willcox

Red green traffic lights photo by Possessed Photograpy on Unsplash

Having trouble deciding?

Too much talking and not much progress

Image of ornamental birds facing the same way illustrating the Fairisle article How to build consensus

How to build consensus

Why consensus is not the same as design by committee

Image of ornamental birds facing each other illustrating the Fairisle article Relationship capital

Relationship capital

Relationship capital is taken to be the sum of all the relationships that make up a company.

Working on a whiteboard to illustrate the Fairisle article Why does strategty get stalled?

Why does strategy get stalled?

Fired up by a Strategy Day, but nothing tangible is delivered?

Tea cup and post-its reading Now, Next, Later illustrating the Fairisle article Navigate an Uncertain Future

Navigate an uncertain future

So what now?

Image of first aid box for article on an avoid painful business change

Avoid pain in business change

Business change can be hard but does it  have to be painful?

Image of vintage map illustrating the Fairisle article Acceptance of change

Acceptance of business change

It might be hard, but acceptance of business change is key to progress.

Image of empty pairs of shoes facing each other illustrating the Fairisle article Making progress resolving resistance

Making progress, resolving resistance

When dealing with business change we nearly always run into resistance at some point.

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Image of a flower filled meadow illustrating the Fairisle article Give your project a break

Give your project a break

We all need a break sometimes. But there is an issue that always come up.

Image of a toy race car illustrating the Fairisle article Find your focus

Find your focus

What’s your next step to achieving your vision?

Image of tangled hedge illustrating the Fairisle article Dealing with business problems

Dealing with business problems

Big problem or small, the process is the same

Image of scattered building blocks illustrating the Fairisle article How to handle obstacles

How to handle obstacles

 Spending too much time with a risk register?

Image of a pigoen illustrating the Fairisle article Complex or simply difficult

Complex or simply difficult?

It’s not long before we run into complexity. 

Image of books in a bookshelf the Fairisle article Stories for shared understanding

Stories for shared understanding

Working with change can be a messy business.

Image of scissors for article on alternative to change management

Small change, big impact

It can seem impossible to start making changes because of a lack of time or money.

Image of 3 people watching a sunrise illustrating the Fairisle article New beginnings

New beginnings

What will this season bring us?

Image of a sunset over fields illustrating the the Fairisle article Dealing with uncertainty

Dealing with uncertainty

When we’ve done all the planning we can, uncertainty might still remain.

Image of vintage postcards illustrating the Fairisle article Working toward a shared goal

Working toward a shared goal

Nothing can be achieved unless the whole team understands what it is trying to achieve.

Image of a wooden wedge holding a door open illustrating the Fairisle article Value resistance to change

Value resistance to change

Should we value resistance to change, rather than treat it as an impediment?

Image of sunlit autumnal leaves illustrating the Fairisle article Qualities of succesful change

Qualities of successful change

Which qualities  need to be present if a change is to succeed?

Image of vintage toy car illustrating the Fairisle article Get your change started

Get your change started

Is there something you really need to change in your business, but you just can’t get started?

Image of large hammer cracking small nut illustrating the Fairisle article Don't outsource your change

Don’t outsource your change

Change which is ‘driven through’ is unlikely to stick

Publicity picture for Fairisle workshop 'Get ready for change'. Various icons for readiness tools with text 'Readiness for change - some tools'

Are you ready to deliver?

When you hear hoofbeats, look for horses not zebras

Image of a vintage record player and vinyl records illustrating the the Fairisle article Deep and active listening

Deep and active listening

Listening looks easy, but it’s not simple. Every head is a world

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