Business change tools and techniques

A selection of business change tools and techniques from our Consulting for change process.


Business change is most effective when the conditions are right

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Get your business ready for change

Change initiatives often fail due to lack of preparation.

With the READINESS workshop series you’ll define success and assess how ready your team is to embark on your change journey.

You’ll be empowered to navigate communication channels, assess appetite for change, and marshal your resource.

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Deal with challenging conversations

Profound and meaningful change nearly always prompts challenging conversations.

But disagreement needn’t impede progress with your change.

This workshop will equip you and your teams to get the most from difficult conversations, by learning to DISAGREE BRILLIANTLY.

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Handle resistance to change

Change is inevitable.  But how do you deal with resistance to change amongst your colleagues and stakeholders?

The RESISTANCE toolset will equip you to analyse the different types and sources of change resistance.  And how to convert resistance to change into fuel for change.


Deliver the right changes at the right times

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Learn the basics

Delivering business change can be a challenge. So an approach that allows you to flex according to your needs is invaluable. The Scrum Agile project management framework does exactly this.

AGILE ESSENTIALS is an introductory workshop to equip  your team with a tried and tested toolkit to make the right changes at the right time.

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Embed your change

Nothing stays the same for long.  You need to make sure that your business change sticks, and your business continues to develop.

In AGILE DELIVERY we’ll work beside you to deliver the changes you want.

And make sure you and  your team has the business change tools and techniques to  deliver into the future.

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Agree on difficult issues

Business and organisational change can raise some difficult issues. But it’s always possible to achieve agreement on how to move forward. Even when emotions are running high.

The BUILD CONSENSUS workshop will equip you to analyse situations clearly. You’ll also acquire the tools and techniques to find agreement on even the most difficult issues.

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