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The Fairisle labs are a series of events for business change which are free to join.

All  we ask in return is that you give us your feedback on the experience.

Forthcoming labs

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Peer coaching

Thu, 25 Feb 2021 13:30 GMT

The Fairisle Lab on Peer Coaching will be run by our qualified coach and organisational development specialist Philip Ratcliff. Peer Coaching helps leaders and teams to navigate change by drawing on the insight of colleagues and peers. The approach equips teams to set out ways forward and develop different perspectives on the challenges they’re facing. These skills also support team development, management conversations and team-working.

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Recent labs

Icon for product resistance to change

Resistance to change

How do you deal with resistance to change amongst your colleagues and stakeholders. Maybe even clients?

Is ‘resistant to change’ simply a label that we put on people who don’t seem to see things the way we do?

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Readiness for change

The Fairisle Readiness for Change session aims to get you and your team in the zone to start your change initiative.

The session will help you identify the success criteria for the change you want to undertake, and assess how ready your team is to embark on the journey.

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