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One lab workshop with Fairisle  opened my eyes to dealing with objections. Time very well spent! Highly recommend.

David Dand

David Dand HR Associates

Thank you so much for today’s session. It was brilliant!  I loved how interactive it was, the group of people was super interesting and it felt a true gift to be part of it.

Ajo Clua

Ajo Clua Service Design

The workshop was superb – so interesting and useful. A real eye-opener. And the graphics are really clear and helpful.

Martha Tiffin

Utility Great Britain

Forthcoming free business change events

The Fairisle labs are a series of free business change events and workshops

All  we ask from participants is their feedback on the experience.

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That was then, this is now

November 2021

Navigating the post-covid environment.

As we emerge from the Covid crisis, one thing is becoming clear – few of us will simply return to ‘business as usual’. This interactive, planning-focused workshop will look at what this means for your business. How do you move past the obstacles Covid has thrown your way and how do you retain the good things from your experience?

The workshop will be hosted by Brighton Eagle Lab and facilitated by Philip Ratcliff, Fairisle senior Consultant and organisational development specialist.


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Recent events

thumbnail icon for Fairisle product make effective decisions

Make effective decisions

Decision making is challenging at the best of times, and the Covid pandemic made things particularly hard for business decision makers. The techniques in this workshop equipped participants to view decision making in a fresh light. We demosnstrated our approach to appraising options, choosing the right decision, and reviewing the outcomes.

This free online event was an opportunity to explore what it means to make better business decisions.

The ‘Make effective decisions’ Lab was facilitated by Fairisle founder Sarah Willcox.

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icon for service - agile delivery

Scrum Agile for Strategic Change

We were delighted to contribute a poster and video to the Association of Research Managers and Administrators (ARMA) 2021 conference.

The video features Ushma Gudka Head of Post Award at Brunel University London, in conversation with Sarah Willcox of Fairisle.

Ushma and Sarah discuss using Scrum Agile to deliver  strategic change at Brunel University London.

They describe how they:

  • adopted a Scrum Agile approach to delivery;
  • built team cohesion with staff from  across the University;
  • worked together to define and deliver a vision for change.

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icon for Fairisle product build consensus

Build consensus

Business and organisational change can raise some difficult issues. But it’s always possible to achieve agreement on how to move forward. Even when emotions are running high.

Following on from our popular ‘Disagree brilliantly’ event, this workshop equipped participants to analyse situations clearly. We also shared the tools and techniques needed to find agreement on even the most difficult issues

The ‘Build consensus’ Lab was facilitated by our qualified coach and organisational development specialist Philip Ratcliff.

icon for Fairisle product agile essentials

An Agile approach to business change

Delivering business change and organisation development initiatives can be a challenge. So an approach that allows you to flex according to the needs of your organisation, the resources available, or the time required by other activities is invaluable. We’ve found that the Scrum Agile project management framework does exactly this.

The ‘Agile approach to business change’ Lab was facilitated by Fairisle founder Sarah Willcox.

Icon for product resistance to change

Springing back: fuelling change with energy from resistance

We were delighted to run a session at the University Human Resources Conference 2021 – ‘Refreshing HR’.

Jane Drysdale, Executive Director, People and Culture at WWF-UK worked with Fairisle consultants Sarah Willcox and Philip Ratcliff to deliver the workshop.

The session drew on the lessons learnt from recent engagements with HEIs. We took participants through practical and interactive exercises designed to help identify and understand resistance in its varied forms.  We then looked at how to convert the energy from resistance into a fuel for change.

icon for Fairisle product disagree brilliantly

Disagree brilliantly

The Fairisle Lab Disagree brilliantly was  run by our consultant Sarah Willcox.

Profound and meaningful change nearly always prompts challenging conversations.  But disagreement needn’t impede progress with your change.

The techniques we share in this Lab  will equip you and your teams to get the most from difficult conversations, by learning to disagree brilliantly.

Icon for Fairisle product Peer Coaching

Peer coaching for change

The Fairisle Lab on Peer coaching for change was run by our qualified coach and organisational development specialist Philip Ratcliff.

Peer Coaching helps leaders and teams to navigate change by drawing on the insight of colleagues and peers. 

The approach equips teams  to set out ways forward and develop new perspectives on the challenges they’re facing.

Icon for product resistance to change

Resistance to change

The Fairisle Lab on Resistance to change was run by our consultant Sarah Willcox.

How do you deal with resistance to change amongst your colleagues and stakeholders. Maybe even clients?

Is ‘resistant to change’ simply a label that we put on people who don’t seem to see things the way we do?

icon for Fairisle product readiness for change

Readiness for change

The Fairisle Lab on Readiness for change was run by our qualified coach and organisational development specialist Philip Ratcliff.

The session was designed to get you and your team in the zone to start your change initiative.

The session helped participants to identify the success criteria for the change they wanted  to undertake, and assess how ready their teams were to embark on the journey.

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