Change challenges

Starting up

Knowing just where to begin when you’ve got a long list of tasks can sometimes stop you from taking the first step. We’ll work with you to identify your key objectives and plan steps to sustainable change.

Scaling up

Scaling up often comes with growing pains. We’ll help you identify what works at the moment so you can scale up while staying true to your original purpose.

Something new

Introducing a fresh product, adopting a different structure or welcoming a new colleague can throw up some interesting challenges and opportunities. We’ll work with you to ease the transition and help what’s novel become a well established part of the scene.

Scaling down

Small can be beautiful, too, but getting there isn’t always easy. If you’re facing a reduction in size, we’ll help you understand what your new priorities are and enable you to move forward in a positive direction.

Ending well

Endings can be hard whatever the reason, and the work you’re doing in bringing things to a close can sometimes make it difficult to see beyond the full stop. We’ll help you think about what needs to be done and how, allowing you to make the next step confident that you have ended this phase as well as you can.

First aid

When things don’t go to plan, having someone to talk through the challenges can often make the difference between a problem and an opportunity. We’re here to listen and if we can’t help you solve the problem in an hour, we’ll at least have mapped out some actions for you to take towards finding a solution.

Wood for the trees

Sometimes, it’s difficult to even say what your particular challenges are; you just know that things aren’t working as well as they could. We’re experienced in helping organisations identify what it is they need to change, how they want their future to be and what they want to work on first.

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