Need to make changes but don’t know where to start?

Author: Sarah James Willcox

Published: May 2020

Is there something you really need to change in your business, but you just can’t get started?  

You know you need to do something because letting things ride might be causing problems in the team, hitting productivity, or maybe even causing ill-feeling.   It could be there’s an opportunity you know you should exploit, but addressing it just feels too hard. 

When you do try to think about it a load of questions crop up.  What about this technical issue I don’t really understand?  How will so-and-so react if I do this? What if changing this one thing makes everything else worse?  It’s easier to push it all to the back of your mind and get on with other things. 

But it never really goes away.  You’ll find yourself thinking about it at random times.  Your colleagues will say things like: ‘If only we could fix this, then these things would be so much easier’ or ‘Wouldn’t it be great if we could just…’. 

After a while, you feel like you’re the one blocking the change and stopping everyone, yourself included, from making progress.  You know, deep down, that the longer you ignore the issue the worse it will get -money might be wasted, opportunities missed.  Sooner or later you’ll have to tackle it head on.  

What you need is a method that can help you break out of circular thinking and take the first steps to getting a real, workable solution.  One that doesn’t involve a long training programme, expensive software or a big time commitment.  

The Fairisle ‘Sorted’ method has already been used by some of our clients to give them a new perspective on their problem or opportunity and break out of unproductive thinking. It’s a simple, intuitive set of tools that equips you to map out the way forward, so you and your team can start taking the right steps to a solution.

People who spend even a small amount of time using Sorted are empowered to focus on the one or two things they really need to tackle.  And those things are often surprisingly small and easy to address.   

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